FoxCentral News FoxCentral - News about the Microsoft Visual FoxPro community en-us Fri, 28 Apr 2017 04:12:21 GMT Southwest Xbase++ 2017 - Cancelled 757_201704110108 Tue, 11 Apr 2017 01:08:13 GMT Southwest Fox Conference fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' >Geek Gatherings LLC, the organizers of Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++, have partnered with Alaska Software and the best speakers from the Xbase++ community to run Southwest Xbase++ for the past five years. Last November, Alaska Software informed us their core staff members would not be presenting at conferences in 2017, in order to focus on their other commitments including the LEAP program, which tests Visual FoxPro source code projects in Xbase++. After hearing the news, we initially thought we would put the Xbase++ conference on hiatus for a single year as Alaska expects to have speakers available again in 2018. But after talking with others in the Xbase++ Community (including Alaska), we decided to try to run the conference without speakers from Alaska. We issued the Call for Speakers for both conferences. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough session proposals to put together an Xbase++ conference this year. We are naturally disappointed, but Alaska will continue to sponsor Southwest Fox and we are sure Southwest Fox will be a terrific conference on its own as it was for eight years before we incorporated the Xbase++ conference. In 2018, we hope to return to our usual dual conference format. We look forward to announcing the session topics and speakers and to getting registration rolling for 2017 very soon. West Wind Client Tools 6.10 released 756_201703220933 Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:33:55 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;West Wind Technologies has released version 6.10 of West Wind Client Tools. Client Tools provide a host of Internet functionality to FoxPro applications including support for SMTP email, rich HTTP access, FTP up and downloads as well as high level REST and HTTP based data services. The toolkit also contains many utility classes including a simple business object layer, SQL Server data access wrapper, a powerful.NET bridge to access .NET components and extend FoxPro code, JSON and XML serializers, a JSON REST service client, PDF rendering and more. This release adds a SFTP class, a new Markdown Parser and Markdown() function and much more. A free shareware version is available for download to check out the product. Southwest Fox 2017: Session submission deadline extended 755_201703201922 Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:22:43 GMT Southwest Fox Conference fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' >We?re still looking for a few more speaker submissions for Southwest Fox 2017. If you have something to share with our developer community, read the Call for Speakers ( and then use the Submission site ( to send us your ideas. Please let us hear from you by next Monday, March 27. Philly VFUG meets March 14: Tour of Smooth-On, a chemical manufacturing facility automated with VFP 754_201703072103 Tue, 07 Mar 2017 21:03:02 GMT Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group fox The Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group meets next Tuesday, March 14 with a special treat, a tour of the Smooth-On plant in Macungie, PA. The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but come as early as 6:30 PM for dinner, which the group will provide. (If you?re coming for dinner, please email, so we get enough food.) The address is: Smooth-On Inc. 5600 Lower Macungie Rd Macungie, PA 18062 Abstract: Smooth-On is a large chemical manufacturer that recently moved into a new facility just south of Allentown. Prior to the move, we used VFP to do Order Entry, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Formula Management and Batch Scheduling, among other things. When we made the move, we took it to the next level and used VFP to Automate much of the manufacturing process. This tour will be conducted by the COO and explain the process, show examples of the types of things are made with our products, and discuss the benefits and challenges of the transformation. Southwest Fox/Xbase++ 2017: Call for Speakers 752_201702271827 Mon, 27 Feb 2017 18:27:04 GMT Southwest Fox Conference fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' >We've issued the Call for Speakers ( for Southwest Fox 2017 and Southwest Xbase++ 2017. If you are interested in presenting at either conference, please read the document and consider submitting sessions via the Geek Gatherings Submission Web site ( The conferences take place October 26-29, 2017. Session proposals are due by Monday, March 13 at 8 AM EST. Markdown Monster 1.2 released 750_201702222103 Wed, 22 Feb 2017 21:03:13 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;West Wind Technologies has released Markdown Monster 1.2 of its Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool. Markdown is a an easy to use writing format for creating HTML content and MM is a user friendly application to make content creation easy and effective. Generate HTML output or publish Markdown directly to your Weblog. v1.2 includes many improvements to image handling and optimization and features new Scripting and Text Expansion addins that let you extend Markdown Monster's features quickl. Check out Markdown Monster and rock your Markdown in style. West Wind WebSurge 1.02 released 749_201702201937 Mon, 20 Feb 2017 19:37:58 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;West Wind Technologies released v1.02 of its WebSurge HTTP request and load testing tool. WebSurge is designed to easily and repeatedly capture and play back individual or sessions of HTTP requests of your applications. You can capture all types of Http content including HTML and asset requests, or more commonly REST or SOAP services. WebSurge's workflow is optimized to make it easy to create or capture requests, test them quickly and then store and share them for later playback or testing. You can be up and running load tests in a few minutes. Load tests produce simple understandable stats that make it easy to capture and compare results between runs. Version 1.02 is a maintenance release that provides a number of UI and performance improvements. Chicago FUDG meets Tuesday 14 Feb 2017 740_201702120300 Sun, 12 Feb 2017 03:00:57 GMT Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group fox <img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;At our February CFUDG meeting we will take on the challenge to help bring the VFP interface into this century. Starting with the checkbox: What should a modern on/off yes/no checkbox look and act like? At this meeting, we will be doing some live team programming with the objective being to deliver a working and improved checkbox object to the attendees. Join us on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (CST) at WeWork, 332 S. Michigan - 9th Floor in Chicago. Please RSVP using the EventBrite link at Help Builder 5.0 RC3 released 738_201702072211 Tue, 07 Feb 2017 22:11:13 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;West Wind Technologies has released Help Builder 5.0 RC3. Help Builder 5.0 is a major upgrade with support for a new topic editing experience using the popular Markdown format and a new rich text editor. There are many improvements in overall workflow for content creation. Help Builder is a tool for building online and offline documentation with easy tools to quickly create content and publish it to the Web, PDF, MS Word or CHM files that you can use with FoxPro. Help Builder's HTML and CSS based, customizable templates make it easy to create great looking documentation while you can focus on content creation. West Wind Web Connection 6.10 released 732_201702021031 Thu, 02 Feb 2017 10:31:47 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;West Wind Technologies has released Web Connection 6.10 of its Web Development toolset for Visual FoxPro. This release is a maintenance release that also adds a handful of new feature. It adds support for automatic Html Encoding for script tags, support for FTP over SSH (SFTP), user security password encryption, an updated Markdown parser, a new and improved MVC script compiler and a host of small utility class enhancements. As always you can download the free shareware version, or if you're registered you should have received an update notification via email. Markdown Monster 1.1 released 731_201701022055 Mon, 02 Jan 2017 20:55:09 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;Markdown Monster is an easy to use and attractive Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool. The editor sports syntax colored editing of Markdown text, inline spell checking, live HTML preview, embedding of images, links and built-in support for screen captures along with a few gentle toolbar helpers to facilitate embedding content into your markdown. The editor's goal is to let you focus on your content creation and not get out of your way of your creativity. You can publish your Markdown directly to your Weblog that supports WordPress or MetaWebLog APIs. You can manage multiple blogs and even download existing posts as Markdown. Check it out and edit your Markdown in style. Philadelphia VFUG Dec. 13: Our future plus Amazon EC2 730_201612062129 Tue, 06 Dec 2016 21:29:45 GMT Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group fox The Philadelphia VFP User Group meets 12/13 to discuss the future of our group. Dinner will be provided at this free meeting. We'll also have a short presentation on Amazon EC2. Chicago FUDG meets Tuesday 8 Nov 2016 729_201611031859 Thu, 03 Nov 2016 18:59:33 GMT Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group fox <img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;Celebrate Election Day Night with rational people in their quest for facts at Chicago FUDG. Jody Meyer will be joining us (in person!) to present what she has learned about SQL Server Indexing for mortals. SQL Server is an ideal alternative to native VFP tables as far as reliability and size limitations on the network, but for speed it is quite a step down from the performance of DBFs and Rushmore. Jody will cover indexing basics, best practices and the myths for SQL Server Indexes. This presentation will also help you analyze the effectiveness of your indexes to help you optimize them. Tuesday, the 8th of November 2016 at 5:30pm. Location: WeWork, 332 S Michigan - 9th Floor, Chicago. More info at: RSVP using the EventBrite link on our home page. Members attend free, non-members please contribute $10 to help cover expenses. Chicago FUDG meets Tuesday 11 Oct 2016 728_201610082315 Sat, 08 Oct 2016 23:15:30 GMT Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group fox <img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;Members who attended Southwest Fox this year will share and discuss the most exciting presentations in Phoenix. Among the favorites was using version control in VFP, and adding DotNet functionality (such as two-way network communications between applications) through VFP. There was also a presentation that allows you to make your desktop applications accessible through the cloud without using web technologies - like remote desktop, but better and cheaper! Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 at 5:30pm. WeWorks, 332 S Michigan 9th Floor, Chicago. More info at HTTP:// where you can RSVP using the EventBrite link on the home page. West Wind Web Connection 6.07 released 727_201609161547 Fri, 16 Sep 2016 15:47:46 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;West Wind Technologies has released Web Connection 6.07. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few small issues and adds a few small enhancements to our recent major 6.0 release. This release includes a new Angular 2.0 template and walk through for getting started building an Angular 2.0 applications with Web Connection backend. Web Connection 6.0 includes many enhancements that make applications easier to create, manage and deploy with a new project system and automated deploy scripts. There are also many feature enhancements that facilitate building HTML, API and Service applications with Visual FoxPro. There is improved MVC style Web development, new REST JSON services support and a ton of improvements to existing components and tool libraries to make it easier than ever to create Web applications with Visual FoxPro. Southwest Fox/Xbase++ 2016: Free Components 726_201609090157 Fri, 09 Sep 2016 01:57:01 GMT Southwest Fox Conference fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' >DBI is giving away a full license of Calendar COM (ctxCalendar; to each Southwest Fox/Southwest Xbase++ 2016 attendee ( Calendar COM is a really great Outlook style scheduling control with three fully extensible views baked into one control: a multi-column Day View (a multiple day appointment scheduler for one resource or multiple resource appointment scheduler for one day at a time), a Week View Appointment Scheduler, and a Month Calendar / date picker. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. DBI has been a long-time supporter of Southwest Fox and we thank them for their generous support once again this year! Chicago FUDG meets Tuesday 13 Sep 2016 725_201609081948 Thu, 08 Sep 2016 19:48:02 GMT Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group fox <img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;Our September presenter is Rick Borup who will be previewing (aka - practicing) his upcoming Southwest Fox presentation on Microsoft's 'Business Intelligence' tool - especially pushing data into the desktop BI tool. 5:30pm on Tuesday the 13th, at WeWork | 332 S Michigan - 9th Floor | Chicago, IL 60604. More info at - please RSVP using the EventBrite link on the home page. Philadelphia VFUG: September 13: Kevin Goff on "SQL Server Reporting Productivity Tips" 724_201609071145 Wed, 07 Sep 2016 11:45:19 GMT Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group fox The Philadelphia VFP User Group will meet on Tuesday, September 13 at 7 PM in room 121 (note room change) at DeVry University, 1140 Virginia Drive, Fort Washington, PA. Feel free to come as early as 6:30 PM and bring some dinner. Our speaker will be Kevin Goff and his topic is ?SQL Server Reporting Productivity Tips.? Abstract: In this presentation, I'll show over a dozen different SSRS topics, and allow attendees to select which topics to cover. Topics include: - Advanced charting (sparklines, heatmaps, performance gauges) - Subreports/drilldown reports - Matrix (crosstab) capabilities - Page/Group Control Features - Data Driven Subscriptions - Cross-chart filtering ("hot-linking" from one section of a report to another) - Column visibility and hiding columns from users - Parameter handling - Aggregations and running totals Bio: Kevin S. Goff - Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server) MVP - Microsoft MVP since 2005 - Frequent community speaker in Mid-Atlantic region - SQL Live/VS Live conference speaker 2012 to 2015 - Database developer/architect since 1987 West Wind Markdown Monster RC2 released 723_201608301350 Tue, 30 Aug 2016 13:50:40 GMT West Wind Technologies fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' ><img src='' align='right' />&nbsp;Need a Markdown editor to create or read Markdown text? Or are you looking for a text centric blog post editor and publisher that makes it easy to create content without distractions? Markdown Monster can chew through your Markdown editing needs with an attractive editor that supports Markdown syntax highlighting, live HTML Preview, inline-spellchecking, screen captures and gentle toolbar support for embedding markup. It also can edit many other text formats including syntax highlighted FoxPro, C#, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Json code. For blog publishing you can create new posts using Markdown and publish them to your blog site. You can also download end edit existing posts. But best of all Markdown Monster is extensible with a powerful .NET Addin model that allows you to hook custom functionality for editing or publishing to extend its features. We provide a few main features as addins: the Screen Capture and Weblog Publishing features demonstrate what you can do to extend Markdown Monster. Oh, did we mention the code is available on GitHub? Go ahead and feed your Markdown to the Monster. We're getting close to release with RC2 and promotional pricing will end with the RTM release. Check it out. Southwest Fox/Xbase++ 2016: The FoxShow Interview 722_201608221729 Mon, 22 Aug 2016 17:29:46 GMT Southwest Fox Conference fox <img src='' align='left' hspace='5' >Listen to Andrew MacNeill interview Tamar Granor and Doug Hennig about Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ 2016 on the FoxShow #81. There's a special offer for FoxShow listeners until September 2.