Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET

The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET is a class library with over 225 Visual FoxPro functions for use with any .NET language. The included VFPToolkitNET.DLL is a .NET managed code DLL (not a COM wrapper) and does not require Visual FoxPro. The functions supported execute extremely fast since they are all written in .NET and compiled into a managed code .NET DLL. Included is a reference and tutorial stand-alone CHM help file as well as Visual Studio .NET integrated dynamic help using the same CHM help file. Full IntelliSense and Dynamic Help is enabled for the VFP functions when programming in any .NET language. Using the VFP Toolkit or .NET, most Visual FoxPro functions become available in Visual Basic .NET or any other .NET language. Functions like STRTOFILE() convert a string to a file in only one line of code.

The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET does not teach developers Visual Studio .NET programming, but it does enable developers to do .NET programming much quicker and write less code based on what they are familiar with combined with how these functions reduce coding overall. It is not pseudo-VFP syntax, it is "real" VFP syntax and works most naturally in Visual Basic .NET since it no namespacing is required. The Windows .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET (or any .NET language) must still be learned. What this toolkit does is assist Visual FoxPro developers using .NET since there is a much quicker learning curve for .NET programming having these functions available. The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET is not a replacement to any .NET language. It compliments and enhances the experience and productivity of .NET language programming.

Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET VFPToolkit DLL class library, CHM help, XML dynamic help, readme.txt, setup.bat.

Source Code for Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET (Visual Basic .NET version) Visual Basic .NET source code for the Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET.

Source Code for Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET (C# .NET version) C# .NET source code for the Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET.

Application: Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET
Copyright: None (Public Domain)
Date: April 24th, 2002
Version 1.00

Questions and discussion for the Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET are online on the Universal Thread in the .NET Forum in a category called Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET. Please post questions, ideas, enhancements requests, etc. in this section on the UT.

Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET Team:
- Kamal Patel (Lead Developer, Creator)
- Cathi Gero (Program Manager)
- Rick Hodder (Help)
- Nancy Folsom (Reviewer, Evangelist)
- Ken Levy (Advisor, Communications)

Testimonial: The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET represents some of the best efforts for helping bridge the gap between Visual FoxPro and .NET development. This toolkit should be part of every .NET developer's library and not just VFP developers who are doing .NET programming.
Rod Paddock
Editor in Chief, CoDe Magazine
VP Software Development, Red Matrix Technologies, Inc.

Appendix C on Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET from the book .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers.